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Site #1 - Behind the Tomb

This option entails establishing a new visitor center in the park immediately behind (to the north) of the existing Grant's Tomb.

Architect Garland Reynolds and Frank Scaturro at the proposed site

This site is easily accessible to visitors behind the Tomb and would not require them to cross the street, as they would have to if the visitor center were located at the overlook pavilion.

Another view of site

This conceptual architectural study attempts to create a "pavilion in the park" that will echo some of the architectural features of Grant's Tomb and provide a location for use by the community that will be an integral part of the surrounding park setting and an educational center commemorating Ulysses S. Grant. Visitor restrooms would be included in this facility, as would a retail sales area, exhibit areas, an audio-visual presentation area, and administrative offices and support space.

The study is merely suggestive and does not purport to be a binding plan for the site. The essential element of this proposal is the location of the visitor center. It would not preclude federal acquisition and restoration of the overlook pavilion, the upper level of which can again be used by visitors while the lower level can provide storage space to the National Park Service.